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Boiler and Water Heater Maintenance

Always keep the space around boilers and water heaters clean and free of clutter. Periodically (2 to 4 times per year), inspect your boiler and or water heater for leaks or signs of unusual operation such as rust, discoloration or soot, or disconnected vents.

Time Needed: 10 minutes
Frequency: At least 2 times per yearAt least 2 times per year
Number of steps: 5
Tools you might need: flashlight
Skill level: easy
What if I don’t do this? A small problem can become an expensive repair if not noticed early

Step 1: More Information

All boilers and water heaters, unless they are electric, have vents that lead to the outside of your home. See also: Appliance Vent Maintenance

Step 2: Locate Appliances

Locate all boilers and or water heaters. Normally you will find them in a basement, utility room, or closet. Some homes have more than one. They may have slightly different sizes, shapes, colors.

Step 3: Keep The Area Clear

Clear away obstructions and clean debris from the floor around the appliance.

Step 4: Inspect For Problems

Inspect your boiler and or water heater, and the area around it, for water leaks, discoloration or soot, or disconnected vents. Important! If any of these conditions exist, contact a qualified service company. For water heaters, always keep the water temperature set as low as possible to reduce the risk of scalding. Setting the water temperature higher will not give you more hot water.  See also: Plumbing Leak MaintenanceReducing Your Energy Bills: In Your Basement

Step 5: Professional Maintenance

Always follow manufacturer instructions for recommended professional maintenance.

Boiler and Water Header Maintenance Checklist.pdfBoiler and Water Header Maintenance Checklist.pdf (Acrobat - 29K)