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Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance

Some kitchen hoods exhaust air to the outside and others re-circulate. These devices should be used whenever cooking or washing dishes. All kitchen exhaust systems contain filters that must be washed periodically, depending on the amount and type of cooking you do. Some can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

Time Needed: 10 to 20 minutes
Frequency: depends on amount and type of cooking
Number of steps: 2 to 3
Tools you might need: gloves, rag, screwdriver
Skill level: easy 
What if I don’t do this? Excess moisture and cooking odors can spread through your home, filter can become plugged

Step 1: More Information

Some kitchen hoods simply re-circulate air through a filter. For kitchen hoods or systems that exhaust air to the outside, see links below.

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Step 2: Proper Operation

Use kitchen exhaust system whenever cooking or washing dishes. If you have a re-circulating kitchen hood, you may want to crack open the kitchen window to help get rid of excess moisture.

Step 3: Keep It Clean

Locate, remove, and wash kitchen exhaust filter. Be careful not to damage or bend filter. Read manufacturer instructions for proper procedure.

Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance checklist.pdfKitchen Exhaust Maintenance checklist.pdf (Acrobat - 29K)