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Underground Sprinkler System Maintenance

Underground Sprinkler Systems are a wonderful convenience. Occasionally they may need adjustment and seasonally they must be winterized. Some systems are user adjustable but you may need to contact a qualified service company. Winterizing should be performed by a professional.

Time Needed: 30 minutes
Frequency: periodically
Number of steps: 3
Tools you might need: none
Skill level: easy 

Step 1: Check For Proper Adjustment

Sprinkler heads should be adjusted to provide maximum coverage of the lawn. Overspray onto sidewalks and driveways should be minimal. Sprinkler should never be allowed to spray against the windows, siding, or foundation of your home. Some systems are user adjustable. Read manufacturer instructions or contact your builder or qualified service company. Sketch the location of sprinkler heads that may need adjustment, or mark their location in the yard, to assist in prompt repair. See also: Siding MaintenanceMoisture Outside Your Home

Step 2: Plan Ahead For Professional Service

Every fall your system must be "winterized". Water remaining in the lines underground is blown out with compressed air to avoid freezing and damage. Schedule this in advance with a qualified service company.

Step 3: Control Timers

Controls or timers are usually located in the garage but may be in the basement. They require some user knowledge and operation. Read manufacturer instructions or contact a qualified service company to learn proper operation.


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This website offers suggestions for how you should properly maintain and operate your home. However, you should always refer to your builder warranty, maintenance and homeowner manual documents for the specific operation and maintenance requirements for your individual home and its equipment.