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Proper Use of Humidistats

Understanding when and how to set your humidistat is an important part of maintaining a healthy home.

Time Needed:  1 to 2 minutes
Frequency: Check every day when heating your home
Number of steps: 2
Tools you might need: hygrometer
Skill level: easy
What if I don’t do this? Your home can develop serious unhealthy, and destructive, moisture problems or your home could become too dry

Step 1: Locate Humidistat

Locate your humidistat and read manufacturer instructions. The humidistat could be on a main floor near your thermostat or it could be mounted on the ductwork of your heating system.

Step 2: Inspect For Problems

Watch for signs of excess moisture such as; condensation or ice on windows. Watch for signs that the air is too dry such as; lots of static electricity or cracks in wood flooring. During the heating season, when the outside air temperature is below 15º, the relative humidity will need to fall below 30% to prevent condensation or frost on windows. See also: Humidifier Use and MaintenanceDehumidifier Use and MaintenanceAdjusting Moisture and HumidityHow Your House Breathes

Proper Use of Humidistats Checklist.pdfProper Use of Humidistats Checklist.pdf (Acrobat - 10K)