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Roofing Maintenance

Inspect the roof of your home for storm damage or other wear. Watch for snow build up which can result in ice dams.

Time Needed: 30 minutes
Frequency: At least 2 times per year 
Number of steps: 2
Tools you might need: ladder, gloves, binoculars
Skill level: moderate to difficult
What if I don’t do this? A small problem can become an expensive repair and result in other damage to your home

Step 1: Inspect For Damage

Roof damage can occur from severe weather, ice dams, or normal wear over time. Check the roof and flashing of your home for signs of damage. Watch for ice dam development. Damage should be promptly reported to your insurance company. See also: Moisture Outside Your HomeTroubleshotting Inside Your HouseTroubleshooting Outside Your House

Step 2: If Repairs Are Needed

Remove fallen branches and excess snow. Roof rakes for snow can damage the roofing, if you use one, be extremely careful. Hire a licensed roofing contractor for any repairs.

Roofing Maintenance Checklist.pdfRoofing Maintenance Checklist.pdf (Acrobat - 13K)