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How Your House Breathes

To survive, we breathe in oxygen and then exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor. In the same way, your house needs to breathe to provide you with a healthy home. Your house needs to bring in fresh air for its occupants. It needs to exhaust water vapor generated by occupant activities. When you open your windows, outside air can enter you house. Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans exhale water vapor and stale air from your house during periods of high moisture producing activities. If your house has an air exchanger, e.g. a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or continuous fan, this also helps your house to breathe. The HRV inhales fresh outside air and exhales stale house air.  See the slideshows below for more information.

Indoor Ventilation.pdf (Acrobat - 198K)

Heat Recovery Ventilator

The heat recovery ventilator supplies fresh air and exhausts stale air.

Exhaust Effect

The exhaust effect occurs when an exhausting appliance is operating.

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