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    Basic Care

    Annual Calendar
    Monthly checklists of home maintenance activities.

    First Year Maintenance
    During the first year of a newly constructed house or after a remodeling job has been done, the house goes through a curing period.

    Energy Efficiency
    You can save dollars off your monthly energy bill by making your house energy efficient.

    Adjusting Moisture and Humidity
    Humidity is necessary for comfort and health. But too much or too little humidity can cause problems in your house.

    Maintenance and Operation Instructions
    Learn how to complete basic home maintenance through quick videos, photos and easy-to-follow checklists.

    How Your Home Works

    The humidity level in your house can be an issue in both the winter and the summer.

    House Pressure Driving Forces
    Understand the driving forces that cause air to flow inside and outside your house.

    Moisture Outside Your Home
    Moisture from outside sources can enter your house and cause damage.

    How Your House Breathes
    Learn how your house brings in fresh air and exhales water vapor.

    How Your Thermostat Works
    Your thermostat controls your heating and cooling system.

    Minnesota Code Requirements for Mechanical Ventilation
    State code requires that your home has a mechanical ventilation system.


    Catalog of Troubleshooting Items
    A troubleshooting guide for addressing common moisture and energy issues.

    Dealing With Moisture Sources
    Identify the ways moisture is generated in your home and learn the steps you can take to reduce them at their sources.

    Damp Basements
    Because concrete is porous, moist air can enter the house through the foundation walls and floor.

    Standing Water
    If there ever is standing water in your house, take immediate action to stop the source of the water and dry out the area

    Reporting a Problem
    You have identified a problem and you need help. So, now what do you do?

    How to Choose a Contractor or Builder
    Hiring tips from the Department of Commerce.



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    This website offers suggestions for how you should properly maintain and operate your home. However, you should always refer to your builder warranty, maintenance and homeowner manual documents for the specific operation and maintenance requirements for your individual home and its equipment.