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Standing Water

If there ever is standing water in your house, take immediate action to stop the source of the water and dry out the area.  The source can be from inside the house from a plumbing leak or from the outside due to rain or run-off.



  • If the source is from a plumbing leak, shut off the source of water and contact a plumber to repair the problem and clean up the excess water as soon as possible.
  • If the leak is from the roof or around windows or doors, contact your builder.
  • If there is standing water in the basement after a heavy rain, there could be a leak in the foundation, the water wells around could be full of water, or the sump pump might not be operating properly. 
  1. Inspect the landscape grading around your house. Contact a landscaper if there is significant backfill settlement.
  2. Inspect and clean out your gutters and make sure that downspouts and extensions direct runoff away from the foundation.
  3. Contact your builder or plumbing contractor if the sump pump is not working properly.
  4. Contact your builder about foundation leaks.
  5. Mop up the water and completely dry out any wet carpeting as soon as possible.  Use a dehumidifier, fans and heaters to dry out the area.  If there is severe water damage or mold, contact your builder.

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